You Can't Walk Your Rabbit Without a Leash

In a kingdom where knights woo pretty ladies, and fantastical creatures tell riddles and demand tolls, the princess of the royal family disappears!

The king fears the worst and sends his knights to find the kidnapped princess. He sends them to the east, to the west, to the south, and to the north. Of Sir Lucas, the most skilled knight of them all, the king demands that he find the princess or not come back to the castle for one whole year.

Sir Lucas needs to find the princess or pine for his home and the king for a whole year.

This is a short story.


Humor & Comedy
Fairy tale


Because this is a short story, I don't have an excerpt at the moment. (It wouldn't consist of much.)

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Author's Comments

I pulled all the stops for this one. If it seemed silly, fun, or funky, I wrote it down.

This is not a traditional fairy tale; it has the tone of fairy tales, but it plays with the traditional plots. Although fairy tales are usually seen as children's tales, I wouldn't say this was one of them. Definitely read this before you read it to your child, mostly due to some sexual content.