Fiction River: Last Stand

An Original Anthology Magazine

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith and Felicia Fredlund (aka me!)

WMG Publishing (publisher of Fiction River) description of the anthology: History offers many heroic tales of final battles. And in Last Stand, sixteen courageous authors offer their take on the topic. From a heartwarming tale of not-so-friendly business competition to a battle of the gods—sort of—for the fate of the world to a tale of looking for love in all the wrong places. These inventive stories make Last Stand one of the most creative—and memorable—Fiction River volumes yet.

I have a story in the volume and it is called “Magic and Sacrifice”. It is about a man and woman who are trying to stop an invasion of their homeland.


Multiple. My story is High Fantasy.

Author’s Comments

I had a lot of fun editing this volume of Fiction River with Dean Wesley Smith. We had a lot of good material and I love every story in the volume. This is also my first appearance in a Fiction River anthology.