Fiction River: Editor's Choice

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Edited by Mark Leslie

WMG Publishing (publisher of Fiction River) description of the anthology: Editing an anthology can prove tricky business. Wonderful stories sometimes find themselves on the rejection pile simply because they do not fit in the editor’s vision of that anthology. So, editor Mark Leslie decided to save some of those amazing stories for this latest volume of Fiction River: Editor’s Choice. These tales run the gamut from YA fantasy to cozy crime to slipstream to horror. And they represent the incredible diversity of styles, voices, and genre that inspired Adventures Fantastic to call Fiction River “one of the best and most exciting publications in the field today.”

My story in this volume is called “The Blood is on the Wall”. It is about a woman who works as a UN soldier fighting the vampires who are trying to take over the world. The story starts when the vampires is getting close to overtaking the city where her sisters live.


Multiple. My story is military horror.

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Author’s Comments

This story poured out of me. I had no idea I had this kind of story inside me, but I love it. This is my third appearance in Fiction River. I’ve read all the stories in this anthology and they are all so good.