Books and Stories

Here you’ll find a list of all my stories, ordered by series. For my complete bibliography, go here.

First you’ll see coming and new releases.

Sorceress Islands is a group of islands with very different cultures. On Cyara all mages are prosecuted and executed, while on Riatic there is a large mage college. Travel between the islands is only possible by crossing magical bridges that messes you up, otherwise you need really sturdy ships to travel far into the ocean avoiding loads of coral reefs and other dangers before you can turn back to get to one of the other islands.

Order of stories are latest to oldest.

Kora Leon is a courier in the City of Shadows. Her magical power of flight is suited for her job since she can deliver sensitive packages without touching the ground.

Employed by the government, she does whatever she can to keep a measure of freedom for herself while the shadows and the government tries to take it.

The City of Shadows is a futuristic metropolis, where criminals are called shadows and criminality is described in shades of shadows. The government keeps careful track of every citizen and you can’t travel between sectors any way you want.

Order of stories are latest to oldest.