About Felicia Fredlund

Everyone learns by experience, but experience is a very open word, is it not? Experience can be climbing a mountain, chatting with someone via facebook/skype, or it can be writing an essay with a deadline in two hours. All those are experiences and so is reading, listening and watching. So if we see someone fall from a cliff in a movie and they get really hurt, we realize we don’t want to fall down cliffs. But there is so much more that can be learned from reading, listening or watching.

Learning by reading

This is primarily a blog, so reading will be the activity you perform. You can read about my experiences, my triumphs and failures AND about all the moments that were neither good or bad, but could have been. There is something to be learnt by knowing someone’s history. You can find motivation, heart or faith.

You will learn about my life, about what I have learnt to do and how to do it. You’ll also learn how to avoid bad situations, or what to do when you are in them. All from my experiences. Apply my experiences to your situation and you might find a new insight or path. At least…I hope you do!

Who am I then?

My name is Felicia Fredlund and I’m currently a student at university. I’m studying science and engineering. I’ve just started playing piano and I enjoy writing among other things. Now that wasn’t very interesting, was it?
Felicia Fredlund
My mother died when I was 22 days from turning six years old. I don’t remember anything from before then, but experiences from my teenage years and up are fresh enough I can tell you about them and hopefully you can learn from them.

One of the things I like most of all is to help people and I have a few projects in the works that might be interesting for you. However I can’t yet tell you about them since they are in such an early stage.

Thanks for reading, but there is more!

There are some posts and eventually there will be pages to check out. So if you find this interesting, click around or search to find more things of interest to you. And even if you don’t, I thank you for visiting and reading about me and my website. Best wishes!