Felicia Fredlund

Traveling Fictioneer — Writer, Editor and Reader of Fiction

Coming Soon

Waves of Death, Felicia Fredlund’s first (short) novel, will be released winter 2017/2018.

New Release

Edited by Allyson Longueira

WMG Publishing (publisher of Fiction River) description of the anthology:
Fiction River crosses the border (and sometimes the galaxy) in this latest volume of Fiction River Presents. From a look into the Canadian side of World War II to the streets of London’s East End to worlds altogether alien,Writers Without Borders offers up international perspectives from Fiction River authors living outside the US. Spanning genre lines from historical mystery to fantasy to science fiction, this volume proves why Astro Guys says: “The Fiction River series is a wonderful mind-expanding read.”

My story is “Magic and Sacrifice” which first appeared in Fiction River: Last Stand. It is about a man and a woman determined to protect their country.

What’s New

Anthology Galore!

I've been a little slow in my announcement of my publications, so I have several exciting projects to tell you about. In November last year, Fiction River: Last Stand was released with my story "Magic and Sacrifice". I co-edited that anthology with Dean Wesley Smith...

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