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My name is Felicia Fredlund. I write fiction that explore faraway places, but I never forget that it is the characters and their relationships that makes fiction interesting.

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A contemporary short story: At the Traffic Lights.

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Twelve year old Marii cares for the burns on her father, Bridge Guardian Mikolas, after they let a mage’s family escape to avoid execution. No one comes to relieve her hurt father and she can’t leave the bridge unprotected.

On Cyara, one of the islands in the Sorceress Islands group, mages are hated and executed. The bridge is the only way for a discovered mage to escape from the wrath of the Temple. By letting a friend cross, Marii and her father have exposed themselves and their whole family to the Temple’s wrath.

When the Temple finds out a mage escaped, someone will pay the price.

This is the third story in the Sorceress Islands series.

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Picture of the Month — January 2016

The stork is the one that brings babies to their parents. All in the name of not telling children what sex is and how come that creates babies. This picture was taken at the Hannover zoo in July 2014 when I visited Germany to see some of my writer friends. I thought... read more